Designed for Current & Future Homeowners

Interior Design / Home Decorating

Hourly Rate of $125

Our flexible design approach allows us to work with clients who have a strong vision of what they want, but also others who are unsure of their own design style. You may have a love of entertaining, traveling, collecting art or raising a family, so taking the time to understand our client’s personal values and what brings them joy is a very important role in our design process. Life is constantly evolving so we want your home to be a space that gives you the flexibility to grow with those changing need.

Do you just need a little guidance on a project you’re working on, or maybe something more detailed, like a professional design plan to follow that can you can implement as time and budget allows? Or do you just need a “full service” option that is handled from conception to completion?

“Full Service” Design Process

  • No project is too big or too small. During our consultations, you can ask questions and seek advice regarding furniture selection and placement, lighting, paint color, and more. We can concentrate on one room or multiple rooms. As we discuss things, we’ll jot down notes and suggestions of each space, and those are yours to keep at the end of our time together. You’ll have a plan of attack, so to speak!

  • We can also create an organized and well-thought out design plan for you that can be implemented as time and budget allows. This is emailed within 2-3 business days following the consultation. Our design plan includes an itemized checklist recapping the items we discussed during our consultation, a list of finishes/furnishing examples to help guide you (paint, lighting, fixtures, furniture, art, lighting, window treatments and wall arrangement), and a list of online resources for fabulous finds to help you carry out your new design plan!

  • Our “Full Service” option is perfect for busy homeowners looking to design or decorate a singular room, group of rooms, or entire home.  From conception to completion, we handle every detail so you don’t have to. This means you don’t have to spend countless hours shopping, placing orders, setting up delivery, or handling the installation of each item. We pride ourselves in our ability to identify your style, needs & wishes, and translate those into a home that is uniquely you.

  1. Discovery- Each project begins with a comprehensive discussion to identify your design needs, define your style and understand the overall space plan of your home.

  2. Inspiration- A shared Pinterest board is created so that any design inspiration images you many have or we have can be reviewed and used in creating the final design.

  3. Final Design- All selections are listed out on a form that will include a picture of the item, the quantity that will be ordered, the price, the timeline of when we should be expecting it to arrive, and any other pertinent information about the project. This is emailed for your final approval prior to ordering.

  4. Procurement- After the overall design has been finalized & approved, all orders will be placed. Shipping of each furnishing, art and accessory is scheduled and tracked to make sure they arrive on time and undamaged.

  5. Installation- Once all items have arrived at Interiors by Ashley, delivery & installation will begin and span over 1-5 business days depending on the scale of the project.

  6. Big Reveal- It’s time to celebrate! We reveal the finished design, complete with a few special surprises and a bubbly toast to welcome you to your new home!


Designed for Realtors & Sellers

Preparing Your Home For Sale Checklist

$150-$250 (Depends on SF)

Getting ready to sell your home?

We are experts at helping you determine exactly what needs to be done to sell your home for top dollar. The condition and appearance of your home can significantly affect the selling price you will ultimately receive. Putting your home on the market without analyzing what needs to be done to make it look it’s best is no longer an option these days. Buyers pay a premium for homes that are in excellent condition, so once you decide to sell, give us a call.

  • Perfected for today’s sellers market to reach top dollar & faster sales activity.

  • 1 hour in-home consultation to examine your home from top to bottom.

  • Personalized checklist that takes all the guess work out for you, room by room! Emailed within 2 business days following consultation.

  • Contractor & vendor references for any repairs or upgrades that may be needed. (Available upon request)


Designed for

New Construction & Remodeling

Selection of Interior & Exterior Finishes

Hourly Rate of $125

We are skilled at creating beautiful designs under a variety of budgets, styles, timeframes, and requirements. We guide our clients through every phase of the selection process. 

For many homeowners, the sheer volume and complexity of decisions involved in pulling together a new home construction and/or remodeling project can be more than overwhelming. One missed deadline or one wrong decision, and the process along with costs can spiral out of control. 

We pride ourselves in our ability to work side-by-side with you and your builder as the liaison to make sure the process flows smoothly, and that design plans are carried through as planned. As your design project liaison, you’ll never feel alone in the design-making process.